Shield holsters

Shield Holsters

DME Holsters one stop shop for IWB inside the waistband. AIWB Appendix inside the waistband, CCW holsters. And OWB outside the waistband holsters. Concealed carry or open carry DME holsters has you covered.
Performance Center holsters, Shield+ Holsters, Shield 45 holsters, EZ 9mm holsters, EZ 380 holsters.
We support most popular lights and lasers from CrimsonTrace, StreamLight, LaserMax and Olight.

Our holsters are purposely designed custom-made for the Smith & Wesson Shield
Custom holsters
Performance Center holsters, Shield 45 holsters, EZ 9mm holsters,  EZ 380 holsters.

Need more information please text us 520 815 6940 Call us 520 815 6940 or send us an email. or use the Contact Us Page

Custom Holster, Performance Center shield Plus,  EZ 9mm, EZ 380 Shield plus holsters

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