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Established in 2012, DME Holsters is a trusted name in the firearm industry, dedicated to providing customers with superior holsters that offer unmatched quality and reliability. Our mission is to ensure customer satisfaction through exceptional service and top-of-the-line products, all while supporting local businesses and American manufacturing.

Commitment to Customer Service

At DME Holsters, our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We strive to provide the highest level of customer service, ensuring that your experience with us is smooth, personalized, and memorable. Our knowledgeable and friendly team is here to assist you, answer your questions, and guide you in selecting the perfect holster for your needs. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority.

Unparalleled Product Quality

We understand the importance of having a holster that you can depend on in any situation. That’s why we go above and beyond to deliver holsters of exceptional quality. To maintain the highest standards, we source our materials exclusively from US suppliers. By using American-made components, we support local businesses and uphold our commitment to product excellence. Each holster is meticulously crafted to meet our rigorous standards, ensuring durability, functionality, and a precise fit.

In-House Mold Design and Cutting-Edge Technology

At DME Holsters, we take pride in our ability to create holsters that are tailored to your specific needs. Our team of skilled professionals designs and manufactures all our molds in-house, using the latest technology and 3-D design techniques. This allows us to offer a wide range of options, accommodating over 300 different firearms and well over 30 rail lights. With our extensive selection, we can create over 10,000 unique holster combinations, ensuring that we have what you need.

Driven by Customer Feedback and Continuous Improvement

DME Holsters was established out of frustration with the lack of high-quality, reliable holsters in the market. We understand the importance of finding the right holster that perfectly suits your firearm and your individual requirements. Your feedback is invaluable to us, as it drives our commitment to continuous improvement. We listen to our customers, learn from their experiences, and strive to enhance our products to better meet their needs.

Choose DME Holsters for Your Firearm Needs

When it comes to finding a holster that offers uncompromising quality, reliability, and a perfect fit for your firearm, DME Holsters is the name you can trust. We are passionate about providing exceptional customer service, utilizing the finest materials from US suppliers, and employing advanced design and manufacturing techniques. With our extensive range of options and dedication to continuous improvement, we are confident that we have the ideal holster for you.

Thank you for choosing DME Holsters. We are honored to be your trusted partner in firearm accessories, and we look forward to providing you with the highest quality holsters tailored to your specific needs.

Inquiries for custom holsters can be made by texting or calling us at 520 815 6940  or send us an email at sales@dmeholsters.com

Hi I'm Tim sales and production manager DME holsters LLC


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3-D modeling, website building, production and design control, 3-D printing, Social media expert not! Jack of all trades when it comes to running a business.


I have had a diverse range of experiences throughout my professional journey, which have helped shape my skills and expertise in various fields. Here is a glimpse into my career progression:

Gas Station and Grocery Store:
Early in my career, I gained valuable customer service and organizational skills while working in a gas station and a grocery store. These roles taught me the importance of attention to detail, time management, and providing excellent customer experiences.

Air Traffic Control Specialist (FAA):
I then transitioned into a role as an Air Traffic Control Specialist for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) at one of the nation’s largest Tracons. As part of this critical position, I ensured the safe and efficient movement of aircraft in our airspace. This experience honed my ability to work under pressure, make quick decisions, and collaborate effectively with a team.

Union Local President:
During my time as an Air Traffic Control Specialist, I also served as the Union President for the Local chapter. As the union leader, I represented the interests and rights of our members, negotiating collective bargaining agreements, addressing employee concerns, and fostering a positive working environment. This role developed my leadership, negotiation, and advocacy skills.

Sales and Production Manager at DME Holsters:
For the past decade, I have been serving as the Sales and Production Manager at DME Holsters. In this role, I have overseen all aspects of production and manufacturing, ensuring high-quality holsters are produced efficiently. I have led a team of dedicated employees, guiding them through the production process and managing daily operations. Additionally, I have been responsible for sales strategies, building customer relationships, and overseeing the shipping and fulfillment of orders.

Through my diverse experiences, I have gained a wealth of skills, including customer service, organization, decision-making, leadership, negotiation, and team management. I am committed to delivering exceptional results and continuously improving processes to exceed customer expectations in every role I undertake.

Inquiries for custom holsters can be made by texting us 520 815 6940 Call us 520 815 6940  or send us an email. sales@dmeholsters.com

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As many concealed carry enthusiasts, I have a box of holsters I have tried over the years that have epically failed, especially appendix style holsters. I prefer to carry appedix for many reasons but above all it is the most comfortable and least restrictive for my edc needs. I recently found DME holster on the web and reached out to Tim. From there his holster expertise couple with my needs/wants led to the creation of an amazing holster. I carry my Ruger 357 LCR in this holster and could not be happier. Tim is a great guy to work qith and his holster fit and finish is spectacular. I am completely satisfied and will be reaching out soon for more holsters for other handguns that I rotate into my EDC. Take the plunge, you will not regret your purchase.

Jordan (verified owner):



Kimber CDP II
I own two kydex holsters by DME holsters and I love them. The adjustable retention is superb. These holsters do not collapse allowing one handed reholstering. Quality is outstanding. you can’t go wrong with DME!!!

Raymond (verified owner):


Best Holster!!!
I own several DME holsters. They are the only holsters I wear because of their comfort, weapon retention, and weapon attainability. The best holster for the money by far! They are a great company to deal with also.

Dean B. (verified owner):


Bought 1911 3″ standard IWB for Para PDA. Fits perfect out of the package but it’s good to know I could adjust the retention if needed. Holster is very fast to put on and take off. Clip design holds holster completely secure and comfortable even when wearing shorts with a regular nylon belt. Furthermore the holster positions the pistol grip against your back . (4 – 5 o’clock carry). No printing. Since it’s kydex there is no collapse so reholstering is easy. Add to that a great price and free shipping, this holster is hard to beat. I’m ordering one for my Glock.

Rich (verified owner):


Ruger lcr 357 featherlight iwb. Holster is very light very compact and easily to concealed. Awesome workmanship it fit my weapon like a glove. For them to build a holster with a lasermax attachment they did outstanding job. Communication with the seller was the best I have ever experienced. I look forward to doing business with this company in the near future.

Carlos W. (verified owner)



Perfect Fit
Great service, staff is very helpful and fast shipping. The holster is great, fits perfect and very well manufactured.

Jorge M. (verified owner):


Amazing Craftsmanship and Business

Springfield XD SubCompact M2
From shipping to overall quality this is by far the best holster I own, my original shipping ETA was 10-14 days and received it in nearly half that. Upon opening the shipping package it was well wrapped and protected on top of the already straight forward packaging. In the packaging I received warranty and care information, a hardware kit, and the holster itself. Upon initial inspection the design is extremely streamlined which I find ideal for everyday carry versus a more bulky product. The edging is perfect, there is no snagging and the smooth matte finish feels great when wearing this product for extended periods of time. The initial fit was dead on and the heavy duty belt clip is placed in the most ideal position. I look forward to conducting future business with DME.

Anthony M. (verified owner):


I carry a Kimber Ultra CDP II in a shoulder rig in the cooler months and needed a concealed carry holster for the summer. In researching a potential purchase on the web, I came across DME Holsters on eBay. I was interested in an IWB holster for the small of the back carry but didn’t see the exact model I needed and contacted the company for availability. I was promptly answered by Tim who translated my needs into a particular model and I placed the order for a small of the back holster with a right hand draw with a negative cant. Four days later, my holster arrived and I couldn’t be more pleased. It has great quality, excellent fit on the pistol and perfect positioning on the draw. Thank you Tim. This company’s service and products are outstanding. I plan on buying other DME products!

Ed H (verified owner):


.40 xd sub compact IWB
The holster looks and feels great and comfortable to wear. These holsters are legit!

Daniel R. (verified owner):

The last holster you’ll ever buy I bought an iwb holster for my xd .45 service model when their store was still on eBay. I was new to kydex and still unsure about it. This is by far the best holster I own. It’s durable, comfortable and does not require two hands to reholster. The sweat guard keeps your gun off your body and dry. The cant also enforces good hand position when drawing your firearm. I hope they will make one for a G.I 1911. Also great price and custom feel without the custom cost.

Todd C. – 06/05/2015:

I purchased a DME IWB holster several months ago and have been totally in love with it.  I have purchased 7 other IWB holsters and they were either too bulky, uncomfortable, didn't retain the pistol properly, or didn't release it when drawing.  I have been using the DME holster now exclusively and it fits the my Kimber Pro Crimson Carry II perfectly.  It is so comfortable, I forget I am wearing it and it performs flawlessly.  Thank you for a great product.  I am a NRA certified pistol instructor and I only recommend your holster for my students.

Robert W.- 9/19/2016

NRA certified pistol instructor

Kimber Ultra Carry II
I own many holsters from leather IWBs to pancackes to hybrids. This holster is by far my favorite. Fit and finish are sot on.. retention was perfect right out of the box. Kydex used is top of the line. Belt clip and 15 degree cant are perfect. What can I say, this has been the only concealed carry holster I use(daily) since I received it. Buy this holster now, you won’t regret it. In fact you`ll want one for all of your weapons.

Daniel H – 07/10/2015:

Extremely pleased with my new DME holster. I have not carried as much as I would like, because I have not found a comfortable holster…..
Until now! This is a super high quality /well made product and most importantly…. comfortable!
It fit my .38 S&W Airwweight snubnose perfectly.
Great customer service & quick delivery..hassle free.
Plus, made in USA..what more could you ask?
I will be purchasing additional DME holsters for my other handguns as well.

Brent – 09/20/2016:

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Is to make the high quality custom holsters at an affordable price! We specialize in IWB Holsters (Inside the WaistBand). We also make a few different style of OWB (Outside the WaistBand) holsters. We like to say our holsters are EDC (Every Day Carry) for EDP (Every Day People). Your satisfaction with our product is our number one priority!

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