Holster Adjustment

Now that you have your holster, it’s time to check fitment and make adjustments. Every effort is made to ensure that the holster fits out of the box.
However, this is not always possible.  Some adjustment by the user may be necessary. To adjust your holster you will need a Phillips screwdriver. The screws below the barrel/in front of the trigger guard control retention. Simply tighten the screws to increase retention, loosen the screws to decrease retention. If your holster has multiple retention screws, one may need to be tighter or looser than the other to get what you feel is best retention this usually happens on light bearing holsters. It is best that you do half turns at a time. Test fit the weapon when you are wearing the holster. Retention will change once you put a belt on, depending on how tight you wear the belt. Make sure your weapon is clear, draw the weapon a few times and adjust as necessary for your comfort level. Never force the weapon into the holster if it’s feels to tight stop and contact customer service.

Holsters with the Mod Wing adjust in the same manner except the adjustment screw will be on the backside of the holster. Two screws on the Mod Wing hold the wing to the holster. use the truss head screw on the back of the holster to adjust retention.


Adjusting the cant & ride height

Standard IWB: No adjustment holster is designed so that you can achieve the master firing grip when you draw the weapon.

Standard AIWB: If your holster was ordered with a J Hook you have approximately 10° forward or backwards can’t simply loosing the screws and you can move the j hook forward or backwards. There should be three holes to mount the j hook. Holsters are set up for a master firing grip. If you want deeper concealment you can adjust your J hook up. The J hook realistically only has to have one screw.
Strut with soft belt loop with Pull the Dot snap. The strut is installed on the bottom of the holster with two screws, loosening the screws you can achieve approximately 10° forward or backwards cant. Ride height is adjusted by loosening the screw in this Male portion of the pull the dot snap and sliding the belt loop up-and-down there is approximately a 1/4′ to 1/2″ adjustment. Do not over tighten the screw in the male portion of the snap.
Ulti Clips adjusted in the same fashion as J hooks however there is no cant.

Standard OWB: Standard OWB holsters ordered with Combat loops, Tek-Loc, Speed clips, Adjustable SR loops and BT Paddles now come with adjustable cant. To adjust to cant simply loosen the screws but do not remove adjust the cant from 0° to 15°. On some holsters you may be able to adjust ride height by 3/4″.
Holsters with drop and offset can’t as adjusted in the same manner again loosen do not remove the screws very hard to put back in. If you took the screws all the way out you’ll need to remove the screws for the adjustable retention also in order to get the screws for the belt attachment back in. Ride height can be adjusted almost drops by about 3/4″ by moving your belt attachment up or down on the drop.

OWB Pancake: Pancake holsters have the belt attachment bolted to the sides of the holsters in the rivets. Generally speaking the grip side of the holster Will have one less rivet at the top. When holster ship belt attachments are mounted to the top results this will achieve a slight offset for approximately 10° of cant. Right height can be adjusted by simply moving belt attachments up or down the side of the holster. Most firearms are set at 0° cant in the holster this is to keep the footprint of the holster is small as possible. Cant as adjusted by offsetting the belt attachment. Small firearms Will be given 5 to 10° of cant in the holster if possible.
OWB Pancake IWB conversion kits: relatively easy to install all you have to remember is outside the waistband OWB belt attachments install to the back of the holster towards the top holster.  Inside the waistband IWB belt attachment install on the front side of the holster towards the bottom. Just like with the AIWB holsters you only need one mounting screw if you can get two used two. But only one is necessary. Due to the fact that some holsters we’ll only have three rivets on the grip side you may have to drill a new hole in the J hook. Never drill holes in the holster itself. You may also want to smooth your edges little more this can be accomplished with sandpaper start out with 220 then 400 rub vigorously with a cotton cloth to get a nice shine. its just plastic.

Mag carriers:
All Mag carriers with the exception of triple LE use the MRD (magazine retention device) they are a friction fit adjusted by an Allen wrench. You should’ve gotten one in your packaging. Single stack bullets go into the rounded end flat side against the MRD. Double stack can be inserted either way retention is adjusted with an Allen wrench it is a friction fit left or right handling. To change from left to right simply move your belt clip from one side to the other this works for inside the waistband or out side the waistband right hand left hand completely universal.
LE magazine carriers the difference is the magazines are carried outward meeting your bullets are going to face you or face away from you. The duel LE magazine carrier uses the MRD. The triple LE uses rubber spacers and is very difficult to get it set up want it. It takes time you must play with it it is also a friction fit. When we ship them they are set up for Beretta 92 magazines.


DME Holsters generally does not use Loctite on any of the screws therefore re-tightening Will be required from time to time. If you choose to use Loctite we would recommend only Blue loctite. We do use Blue lock tight on all level II retention devices

Enjoy your new holster and thanks for doing business with DME Holsters.

If you need more information please text us 520 815 6940 Call us 520 815 6940 or send us an email. sales@dmeholsters.com and we will try to add it.

DME Holsters highly recommends quick draw lubricant protectant for holsters and firearms it can be ordered on Amazon here is a link for their website

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As many concealed carry enthusiasts, I have a box of holsters I have tried over the years that have epically failed, especially appendix style holsters. I prefer to carry appedix for many reasons but above all it is the most comfortable and least restrictive for my edc needs. I recently found DME holster on the web and reached out to Tim. From there his holster expertise couple with my needs/wants led to the creation of an amazing holster. I carry my Ruger 357 LCR in this holster and could not be happier. Tim is a great guy to work qith and his holster fit and finish is spectacular. I am completely satisfied and will be reaching out soon for more holsters for other handguns that I rotate into my EDC. Take the plunge, you will not regret your purchase.

Jordan (verified owner):



Kimber CDP II
I own two kydex holsters by DME holsters and I love them. The adjustable retention is superb. These holsters do not collapse allowing one handed reholstering. Quality is outstanding. you can’t go wrong with DME!!!

Raymond (verified owner):


Best Holster!!!
I own several DME holsters. They are the only holsters I wear because of their comfort, weapon retention, and weapon attainability. The best holster for the money by far! They are a great company to deal with also.

Dean B. (verified owner):


Bought 1911 3″ standard IWB for Para PDA. Fits perfect out of the package but it’s good to know I could adjust the retention if needed. Holster is very fast to put on and take off. Clip design holds holster completely secure and comfortable even when wearing shorts with a regular nylon belt. Furthermore the holster positions the pistol grip against your back . (4 – 5 o’clock carry). No printing. Since it’s kydex there is no collapse so reholstering is easy. Add to that a great price and free shipping, this holster is hard to beat. I’m ordering one for my Glock.

Rich (verified owner):


Ruger lcr 357 featherlight iwb. Holster is very light very compact and easily to concealed. Awesome workmanship it fit my weapon like a glove. For them to build a holster with a lasermax attachment they did outstanding job. Communication with the seller was the best I have ever experienced. I look forward to doing business with this company in the near future.

Carlos W. (verified owner)



Perfect Fit
Great service, staff is very helpful and fast shipping. The holster is great, fits perfect and very well manufactured.

Jorge M. (verified owner):


Amazing Craftsmanship and Business

Springfield XD SubCompact M2
From shipping to overall quality this is by far the best holster I own, my original shipping ETA was 10-14 days and received it in nearly half that. Upon opening the shipping package it was well wrapped and protected on top of the already straight forward packaging. In the packaging I received warranty and care information, a hardware kit, and the holster itself. Upon initial inspection the design is extremely streamlined which I find ideal for everyday carry versus a more bulky product. The edging is perfect, there is no snagging and the smooth matte finish feels great when wearing this product for extended periods of time. The initial fit was dead on and the heavy duty belt clip is placed in the most ideal position. I look forward to conducting future business with DME.

Anthony M. (verified owner):


I carry a Kimber Ultra CDP II in a shoulder rig in the cooler months and needed a concealed carry holster for the summer. In researching a potential purchase on the web, I came across DME Holsters on eBay. I was interested in an IWB holster for the small of the back carry but didn’t see the exact model I needed and contacted the company for availability. I was promptly answered by Tim who translated my needs into a particular model and I placed the order for a small of the back holster with a right hand draw with a negative cant. Four days later, my holster arrived and I couldn’t be more pleased. It has great quality, excellent fit on the pistol and perfect positioning on the draw. Thank you Tim. This company’s service and products are outstanding. I plan on buying other DME products!

Ed H (verified owner):


.40 xd sub compact IWB
The holster looks and feels great and comfortable to wear. These holsters are legit!

Daniel R. (verified owner):

The last holster you’ll ever buy I bought an iwb holster for my xd .45 service model when their store was still on eBay. I was new to kydex and still unsure about it. This is by far the best holster I own. It’s durable, comfortable and does not require two hands to reholster. The sweat guard keeps your gun off your body and dry. The cant also enforces good hand position when drawing your firearm. I hope they will make one for a G.I 1911. Also great price and custom feel without the custom cost.

Todd C. – 06/05/2015:

I purchased a DME IWB holster several months ago and have been totally in love with it.  I have purchased 7 other IWB holsters and they were either too bulky, uncomfortable, didn't retain the pistol properly, or didn't release it when drawing.  I have been using the DME holster now exclusively and it fits the my Kimber Pro Crimson Carry II perfectly.  It is so comfortable, I forget I am wearing it and it performs flawlessly.  Thank you for a great product.  I am a NRA certified pistol instructor and I only recommend your holster for my students.

Robert W.- 9/19/2016

NRA certified pistol instructor

Kimber Ultra Carry II
I own many holsters from leather IWBs to pancackes to hybrids. This holster is by far my favorite. Fit and finish are sot on.. retention was perfect right out of the box. Kydex used is top of the line. Belt clip and 15 degree cant are perfect. What can I say, this has been the only concealed carry holster I use(daily) since I received it. Buy this holster now, you won’t regret it. In fact you`ll want one for all of your weapons.

Daniel H – 07/10/2015:

Extremely pleased with my new DME holster. I have not carried as much as I would like, because I have not found a comfortable holster…..
Until now! This is a super high quality /well made product and most importantly…. comfortable!
It fit my .38 S&W Airwweight snubnose perfectly.
Great customer service & quick delivery..hassle free.
Plus, made in USA..what more could you ask?
I will be purchasing additional DME holsters for my other handguns as well.

Brent – 09/20/2016:

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